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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for what they found inside. charlie was a bait dog underfed and living in filthy conditions. he use used as a training tool so other dogs could just bite and maim him. >> this is ought indicative of fighting front of the legs and head the ears. a lot of times they will use small puppies and other dogs that don't know know how to fight to train the dogs and give them confidence on fighting. the more dominant dog being trained can juror even kill the other dog. >> reporter: this dog one of 6 live dogs taken out of the house overnight. a 7th dog found in a garbage bag. officer arrived they found a house full of dogs but no people inside. police say the 70-year-old woman who owned the house lived
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right next-door. but she didn't know about any dogfighting. they say they thought the house which was right across the street from an elementary school was vacant. >> i've been here a year and-a- half to not know it's not going on in this neighborhood is chilling. >> reporter: all the dogs are in care of baltimore animal rescue. they are all grossly unfed and some like charlie bear scarring from fighting. for now they are evidence but eventually they hope to help them become pets. >> their future was not good. now we're going to take good care of them get them fat ended up and place them into homes. >> reporter: police have not filed any charges but they do have a person of interest in this case. roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. >> thanks rosie. a manhunt for a suspect in a fatal shooting outside a bel- air american legion hall has ended with a capture. police had been searchinging
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for rakeem muhammad for four months after witnesses say he shot a man in the head. investigators learned muhammad may be hiding in a basement in south baltimore with the help of a baltimore city police swat team helicopter and k-9 units they made the arrest without incident. >> we're quite sure he was the shooter based on eyewitness testimony, and today we went over and told the victim's father made the apprehension and of course he was elated to the fact even these it took four months we captured the individual responsible. >> police say a 15-year-old girl also suffered a gunshot wound in the leg in the legion's hall parking lot when he killed derek maximum he, jr.. one student is being treated in an area hospital after police say stabbed in the back. around 4:00 this afternoon a group of teens were walking on the campus of douglas high
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school when an altercation broke out. that's when someone stabbed the victim. he is listed in serious condition but expects southbound expected to survive. police are still looking for suspects tonight. a woman who police say was set on fire in howard county by her homeless boyfriend has died. pamela myers died yesterday morning at the hospital after suffering severe burns. the two were dating and he poured a two lighter bottle of gas on her and lit her on fire last month in a wooded area off of route 1 in laurel. friends plan to hold a memorial service for myers on sunday at 1:30. it looks like the headaches will return beyond the weekend for throws who live in dutch village. 3 days after the f1 tornado tore apartments apart. still can't get into their home. the american red cross is helping some 79 families because of wednesday's early
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morning storm. and the red cross could use some help from you. you could actually help out those area families with a donation. all you have to do is send $10 by texting react to 50555 or call the number on your screen 410-624-2000 to make a difference. well, pretty quiet start to this weekend. really when you think about it the entire thanksgiving holiday stretch really kicking off for a lot of people this weekend. right now travel weather outstanding. that will not hold up it looks like into thanksgiving eve. the big travel day. take a look right now. clear travels up down the east coast. clear at all our regional airports. dulles reporting a nice clear sky. temperature wise 49 inner harbor 46 annapolis 43 frederick. bit of a chilly night. we're going to be rapidly cooling off through the rest of the evening down into the 30s.
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a rebound tomorrow. sunny skies early on 54 by midday. short day with a sunset before 4:40. much more on your travel forecast and the weekend all coming up. thanks a lot, wyatt. hundreds of people say final good business to legendary boxing trainers max lewis. former boxers, coaches and elected officials poured into the concert hall at morgan state today. >> he always asked me are they treating you good? just let me know i'll take care of them. and i remember the time he used to always give me advice he always talk the me he always say stay firm and stay steady. and everything is going to be all right son. >> mr. mack was 92 years old.
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baltimore city police have arrested and charged a football player from morgan state university for assaulting a female student. the school spokesman says a conversation between two groups of people quickly turned violent. the unidentified woman told campus police she was attacked by the player while his friends stood and watched. she also alleges the suspect kicked her in the stomach several times. >> from the information campus police had available to him, there was an assault on one of the female students, and the young man was taken in for questioning and will likely be placed under arrest. eyewitnesses came forward so police had enough information to warrant an investigation and take appropriate action. >> officials say the unidentified player will likely be expelled from the university for violating the student code of conduct. a verdict tonight in the
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sai berrian husky shooting and it's guilty. just under an hour ago the judge declared 32-year-old federal officer keith sheppard guilty of two misdemeanors. he used his weapon to kill bear bear saying the dog was a threat to his dog and his family. people are still reacting to daytime shooting that left many families shaken. >> it was a very unfortunate and tragic situation. i'm happy he was held responsible for the overreaction which is what the court found it to be. his actions were greater the force he used was greater than necessary in light of the perceived threat and that's what this case is about. we're happy he was found responsible. >> officer shepherd has to pay a 500-dollar fine serve 80 hours of community service and will be on probation for one year. an apartment complex in
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carol county is being scrutinized by a baltimore organization. they say they openly discriminated black people. they were told by lease agents on one unit was available. white applicants were told between 12 and 14 units were vacant. a baltimore man police say impersonateed a police officer and molested a teenage boy has been indicted by a grand jury. prosecutors say mark citro was mentoring the victim and per waded his mother to let him stay at his house. citro was not a city school employee but a volunteer at the friendship academy of engineering and technology. citro was indicted on sex abuse of a minor third degree sex abuse and also theft. jobless claims in maryland fell to the lowest helpful in more than two years.
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for the first time claims were down 5% from a year ago continuing claims were down 13.7%. the unemployment rate in maryland is 7.3%. maryland is among the top 10 in raking the cash. maryland ranks number 3 for new economy states we are at the front at the states with a global invasion based economy. massachusetts, washington, maryland, new jersey and connecticut rounded out the top five. these were based on 26 factors. you may not know donovan smith now, but who knows he soon could become a household name. the baltimore kid that could in the company of tim tebow. if
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tebow. chillysunnyy weather 52 two degree guarantee we have a two degree winner edmond jenkins you get an abc2 storm umbrella. we're going to get you your football forecast. it's all coming up.
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. now an update from the ravens locker room. offensive guard chris chester has been hospitalized because of a skin infection. john harbaugh says he didn't practice today but it's hopeful chester will be able to play this weekend. the infection is not serious but was causing him a lot of
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pain. >> donovan smith was elected to play in the u. s. omni all american bowl. it's one of the top 90 high school football players chosen. he's a very talented athlete his leadership and teamwork qualities made him naturally stand out. >> it's such a prestigious honor playing this game u. s. army people here, you know, give me this opportunity to play represent them. >> the annual east versus west match up will be televised live on saturday january 8th 65,000 seat in san antonio texas and all american bowl is the nation's premier high school football game. it really served as a launch pad for future college and nfl stars like michael orr tim tebow and adrian peterson congratulations. what high school senior
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doesn't want to be on a fast track to earn a college degree. the community college of baltimore county is helping students get on the fast track to get their associates degree in general studies. 10 students will be selected next spring and is believed to be the first of its kind in the state. one turkey in particular is closing in on his freedom. the president plans to send this year's turkey to george washington's house in mount vernon, virginia. for the last five years disney has been to go to destination for turkeys that have been pardoned by u. s. presidents. remember, abc2 news is your source for holiday cooking tips on our web site tonight we are talking turkey. we've broken down which stores
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have the best deal per pound in the baltimore area. so if you're still looking around for that perfect bird trying to get the best but you don't have a lot to spend you can go to our web site and log on to i wonder if i could get someone to cook it for me too. >> what did you decide i know you were thinking about getting some deep fried. >> my family voted against it we're going to go to the healthy right. >> baked route. >> we're buying it baked. >> however it get there. deep fried is tender. but not so good for you. let's look outside right now. clear crisp fall night. look forward to nice clear crisp fall weather. this is a good set up for this weekend that will lead us into thanksgiving week, of course. 43 degrees right now winds calm
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barometric pressure at 30.26 and steady. basically high pressure meaning clear skies and dry weather and very, very pleasant. through the day a few clouds at times through baltimore not much. look at the shadows getting late in the day. sunset at 4:49. d. c. beautiful blue skies there and also a nice night in the city. down to our south of course reagan international airport where this weather net camera is located about to get very busy as we go into the next couple of days. wind gusts today pushing 15 to 20 in reisterstown. a breezy scenario out there today. winds are calm now pretty chilly. i want to show you what it looks like tomorrow night though. of course this is huge for maryland football. maryland, florida state the sentinels coming up. both teams 7-3. and apparently maryland's beating florida state only twice before. and both times in college park. it's going to be a cold night.
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so florida state sentinels may be a little be out of sorts being out of the nice warm florida weather they are going to have to play classic chilly fall football in maryland. current winds steady and still. right now we've got temperatures in the low 40s. pretty chilly night. zoom in a little bit for you here. highs today running in the low 50s, and as we zoom in a little bit here i think tomorrow we'll warm it up 5, 6, 7 degrees if we're lucky. land over featuring college football game penn state and indiana taking each other on at fedex field. sunshine over delmarva rock hall through denton in the upper 50s. satellite radar trend is clear. up and down the east coast it's quiet out here. no lake effect action either. so we stay pretty calm tonight. high pressure above will keep us crisp and clear. colder air on the way for sunday. so we push 60 tomorrow then a cooler shot of air makes it in
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for sunday we'll be back down to low 50s. but the big blast of cold air holds off until thanksgiving day. right now moderate across the south. we're in the middle here in maryland and our future forecast high and dry tonight and nothing coming in saturday or sunday other than again some slightly colder air sunday. overnight 32, mostly clear and cold. we'll call it 58 or so for your 2-degree guarantee. a crisp start but sunny and breeze through the afternoon. we fall to 37 under a partly cloudy sky. here it is for you your 7-day forecast. temperatures will warm up after this weekend into the 60s, maybe 70 on tuesday. that is a false hope, though because big time cold air comes in trigger showers and even snow in much of the country toward thanksgiving. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. coming up tonight at 11:00, it looks like check scammers are at it again the new way crooks are trying to take your money.
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plus wall street a buzz over gm's return to the stock market. is it the good time for you to jump into the new general motors. those stories coming up all new at 11:00. . well, old man winter is rate around the corner so now is the time to rev up that immune system it protects your body against bacteria parasites toxins. >> reporter: health experts will tell you the best way to fight the flu is to get vaccinated. the shots give 70 to 80% against infection. there are other ways to boost your immune system. one way is to eat the right foods. >> your nutrition profoundly affects your ability to fight these diseases. >> reporter: that means fill up your plate with lean protein like chicken, fish and fat free dairy products. >> the molecules which fight disease are made of protein. >> reporter: include fruits
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and vegetables and whole grains and think vitamins. but nutritionists say no need to load up on lot of supplements. get nutrients naturally from the foods you eat. >> i recommend taking a multi- vitamin with minerals so all your bases are covered. >> reporter: and exercise. studies have shown moderate regular exercise can boost the immune system don't over dot. too much high intensity activity like a marathon or triathlon can make a person more susceptible to illness for up to 3 days after the workout. for today's health minute i'm name net sousa. a baltimore county school teacher has received a top honor educator of the year. fred dobkins is agricultural science teacher he received the award because of leadership promoting agricultural science careers outreach to the community.
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the school pta noted the clubs under dobkins direction have touched the lives of more than 200 students. congratulations. the skyline in downtown baltimore could soon be a little more practice rear an. according to the baltimore sun developer pat turner is asking the city to erect an eiffel tower like structure. it includes 236-foot illuminated metal sculpture. it wouldn't be as at all as the eiffel tower but it would be vessel from miles around. if approved the structure could be done within two years. time to check out how the drive home is going to end of the week. hope you got your patience out there traffic moving slow in both directions 695 and liberty road. we'll be back after a short break. ññt6ñ
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. looks like good weather around the area for football fans. >> yeah. kelly ravens are on the road this week but a lot of college football. penn state coming in playing indiana. sunny skies great information tailgaters chilly in the morning. those morning types lake me and dave our producer. >> have coffee to warm you up. >> sunny through the day tomorrow kelly for whatever your plans are. chilly start dress warm in the morning. then a crisp fall day. it will be chillier sunday but just as much sunshine so a nice
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weekend shaping up much nicer than the thanksgiving weekend. >> we're back at 11:00. have a great night. ♪ you look like an angel
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